Arjun Navratri & Dussehra Cases This Week.

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SATURDAY, 20th October 2012 At 8:00 PM : 

Amidst the Navratri celebrations, a young kid witnesses a secret arms deal regarding a small Sig Sauer pistol. The kid steals the gun for game of “chor-police” mistaking it for a cracker gun and accidentally fires it on one of his friends. ETF comes to investigate but the gun deal happens again, and culprit gets his hands on the weapon. The culprit is a master strategist who has planted the clues for the case in such a manner that the ETF constantly finds itself as a dead end. How will Arjun solve this seemingly indecipherable puzzle?


SUNDAY, 21st October 2012 At 8:00 PM :

Following a mishap in the Dusshera ground, the ETF learns about an imminent terror attack, caused by the bio-weapon Xzora II, an extreme-growing mutated bacterial strain. It is carried by water and kills by destroying brain cells.


Enjoy This Two Stories & See How Arjun Will Slove This Cases.


By – Telly News, Calcutta.

5 comments on “Arjun Navratri & Dussehra Cases This Week.

  1. Arjun became the bestest show….
    Love Arjun
    The Shaleen and Sana doing favullous job…..and love them
    Love Arjun
    Love Riya
    Love Ariya


  2. the bestest show on the television


  3. the bestest show on star plus……
    Love Arjun riya
    massta lagega aaj ka navratri epiosodes…


  4. love the episode…..
    it can crack any other crime show
    the bestest show


  5. i love arjun riya and shree it is my favorite show in television


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