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Lakhon Mein Ek Story For 21st October 2012.

Telly News

Telly News

Lakhon Mein Ek, SUNDAY, 21st October 2012 At 11:00 AM :

In a middle-class Hindu joint-family in Mysore, police officer Prakash lives with his mother, his wife Urvashi and their daughters Shreya and Shweta. Though on the surface an honest officer, a liberal minded, forthright man; with his family, Prakash is a narrow-minded, possessive husband who disallows his wife out of the house, even to meet her ill parents, discourages her further studies, harasses her for dowry and nearly disowned their child when she’s born a girl. Prakash’s mother does her best to protect her daughter-in-law, but there is little she can do… 
Until their daughter Shreya falls in love and marries Aatish. Seeing how his mother-in-law suffers, Aatish decides he must help and get his father in law on the right track. Plotting with Prakash’s mother and his wife, Aatish begins behaving exactly as Prakash does, will Atish be successful in changing Prakash back to a supportive family member who respects his wife?


To Know More Of This Interesting Story Do Catch Lakhon Mein Ek This Sunday At 11:00 AM – Aap Ke Apne Channel Star Plus Par.


By – Team Telly News,Darjeeling.

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