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Ananya to exposes Viraj’s cruelty to Jahnvi on TV In Dil Se Di Dua…Saubhagyavati Bhav?

 In Dil Se Di Dua…Saubhagyavati Bhav? Next Week Viraj gets to know that Ananya has Jahnvi’s heart. He gets angry at himself for not recognizing Jahnvi’s heartbeat.Ananya exposes Viraj’s cruelty to Jahnvi on TV. Viraj reaches Ananya’s house and a confrontation takes place.Viraj and Ananya are supposed to do a live chat on TV. Both prepare […]

Oberoi to reveals that Shivangi and Nimrit are twin sisters in reality In Amrit Manthan.

In Amrit manthan Next Week ,Just as the entire truth about Shivangi and Sarabjeet is about to be revealed, Agam will walks in. When Agam comes to know that Natasha had tricked him, he  will leaves the house in anger.On her deathbed, Shivangi’s Maasi  will tells her and Tej something that leaves them speechless. Oberoi reveals […]