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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev spreads awareness for cleaning river Ganga by Mahadev Ganga Mahotsav

Life OK’s unique initiative – Mahadev Ganga Mahotsav, an environment protection educate masses to take efforts in preserving and saving Ganga as we know, has been launched. Mahadev Ganga Mahotsav will be held in eight cities across the states of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh Delhi and West Bengal. The first event at Haridwar was recently held and the team of Mahadev wil next move on to Varanasi.
At Haridwar, the team organized a Samvaadh that narrated how pure the Ganga is and the need to preserve it. A Ghat cleaning activity was organized as well as a school contact program. There was a fancy dress competition that was held depicting the characters of Mahadev.
All the activities that the channel has planned for the Mahadev Ganga Mahotsav will culminate with a Grand Finale event planned on 27 January which will be attended by the team from the channel and the entire cast of the popular mythological show, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev.


By: Editor Team.


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