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On Location: ChhanChhan

After Disapproval Seeing Navika Breakdown Mohan Finally To Approve Of Navika Being With Beera In Naa Bole Tum Na…..

In Todays Episode It Was Shown How Mohan comes back to his home and tells Guru that the boy who is residing at Megha’s home as Aditya is not the real Aditya. Meanwhile, Megha also learns the fact that the boy is not Aditya and also tells the truth to Bela.  

R.K To Take Away Madhu From Radha’s Room In Night & Madhu Decide To Confess About Her Intension In Madhubala

 In Last Episode It Was Shown How RK tells Madhubala that she forgot something at home. RK then gives a cheque to the owner of the orphanage. Madhubala declares that the cheque is from the whole team of Madhubala & During the Haldi ceremony, R.K tries to apply some Haldi on Madhu. 

[PROMO]:Madhubala: Ek Ishq Ek Junoon #EkAnokhaPyaar

R.K – Madhubala Haldi Celebration & Dipali To Makes Siki Call Sultan To Meet Madhu In Madhubala.

In The Last Night Episode Of Colors Madhubala Viewers Sees That Radha comes to ask Madhubala about what she wants as a gift for her wedding. Madhubala tells her that she wants all of Radha’s jewelry and rest she will tell her in the morning. Meanwhile, Padmini sees RK and Madhubala’s picture in the newspaper. She […]

Mahadev Come To Rescue Ganesh & To Take “Panchanan” Form To Kill Jalandhar In Devon Ke Dev Mahadev.

  In Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Vrinda and Jalandhar perform rituals to please Lord Vishnu as last recourse to protect Jalandhar. But soon, she realizes that the person sitting beside her at the altar is not Jalandhar.  Vrinda is startled, when she learns that Lord Vishnu has disguised himself as Jalandhar. She curses Lord Vishnu for his […]

Saras To Ask Vidyachatur For Kumud’s Hand And Saras -Kumud Marriage Data To Get Fix In Saraswatichandra.

In Star Plus SaraswatiChandra, Today It Was Shown How Saraswatichandra applies turmeric on Kumud’s face. Kumud becomes embarrassed when her friends enquire her if anyone proposed her for marriage.