Madhubala To Accept R.K’s Proposal & Madhubala – R.K Wedding Preparation To Starts In Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

In Its Last Episode  It Was Shwon How,Sikandar tells Deepali that they should go and apologize to Madhubala otherwise they will be thrown out of the RK mansion. Deepali tells Sikandar that she is never going to bow in front of Madhubala. Next morning, Sikandar pleads to Radha to convince RK not to throw them out of the house. 

Now In The Upcoming Episode Of Colors Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, Madhubala and Sultan will talk about her and R.K’s relationship. Madhubala will explains to Sultan the true meaning of love, which R.K fails to understand. Sultan will  realizes that he is falling in love with Madhu.Meanwhile ,R.K  will propose to Madhubala in front of everyone and will  apologizes for his behavior. Madhubala will be  surprised and does not know how to react to it.But atlast Madhubala will accept R.K’s proposal. R.K will assures Padmini that he will become a good son-in-law. In the R.K  mansion, everyone will starts preparing for Madhubala and R.K’s wedding.R.K will thanks Dipali for leaving him or else he would have not met Madhubala. Sultan will be upset that his wish to marry Madhubala will never be fulfilled.

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6 comments on “Madhubala To Accept R.K’s Proposal & Madhubala – R.K Wedding Preparation To Starts In Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

  1. i love to watch RISHABALA together this time cvs don’t make us fool we are watching this show only for different story not for revenge, humiliation ore ego game. Vivian d Sena aka Rk you are just rocking superb performance, mind blowing expressions, attitude, style, eye locks, dialogues WOW
    drashti dhami so cute both DVD beautiful couple of tellywood.


  2. omg RISHBALA together again i stop watching this show when they separate. i love to watch vivian d sena performance rocking super star aka RK the only star of the telly wood sky. hope to see him films soon. both DVD doing great job. but this GH playing our mind want to mad us like RK.


  3. plz madhu start loving and make me happy and plz suldan dont do something worng


  4. Reblogged this on supuri2007 and commented:
    It is amazing how people spend so much time discussing this serial.


  5. Awesome serial & awesome Jodi RK & Madhu…………..keeping fingers crossed Now No more Hicups in RK Madhu life…………….


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