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Rashi To Deliver Two Baby Boys In Star Plus Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

In  Star Plus’s popular show  Saath Nibhana SaathiyaRashi-Urmi manage to pull out a way to America, Koki decides Hetal should go with Rashi to take care of her in her Pregnancy. Urmi disappointed but sabotages Hetal’s passport thinking she’ll be the next choice to go along with Rashi.      Urmi again plans and tricks Koki to leave to meet Nani. So after cooking so much Urmi gets a chance to go with Rashi.ust before Urmi was about to leave her passport gets sabotage and so all her planning and plotting goes in vein. Rashi jigar leaves alone. They take a shortcut where they get stuck. Rashi’s water breaks and The vehicle breaks and they are stuck in between nowhere.Jigar calls for an ambulance but no one is able to find the place. He asks Gopi to come with some help. Gopi also couldn’t find the place and on the other hand Rashi is in un-bearable delivery pain. Gopi then traces and remembers the sounds and finds them and delivers Rashi’s baby in the auto itself,After a night in hospital and check-ups, Rashi comes back home with two baby boys. everyone in the family is happy. Urmi brags about her daughter for delivering two sons. Koki calms her down. Rashi is trying to keep extra care of hygiene for the baby. She over does it and doesn’t allow anyone to touch the babies without washing hands.Everyone in the family is playing and adoring the boys, Meera feels amazed and she also wants to hold the baby. Rashi out of her thing for hygiene for the boys so she decides to sleep alone in the room with the babies, even didn’t allow jiggar to be there. When everyone is fast asleep and so is Rashi as she’s tired. Meera as she’s fascinated with the babies comes inside the room and after a lot of struggle gets hold of the boys.

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