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Tiger To Entered The School & Veera To Get Trapped Inside The Classroom In Veera.


In Star Plus‘s  Veera We Had Seen That Veera is left alone at home. Ratan yells at her for raising a false alarm. Veera apologises to Ratan, but she refuses to forgive her. Ranvijay seeks forgiveness from Ratan on behalf of Veera. Ranvijay’s friend, Juppy, loses his ball while playing.    While he fetches ball, the tiger attacks him. Ranvijay leaves for the hospital, along with Ratan. Ratan consoles Juppy’s mother. The doctor announces that Juppy is out of danger. Balwant informs the villagers that the tiger was seen in a neighbouring village.

So This Tiger Threat & Fear Will Continue This Week Also, If Sources Are To Be Believe Everyone will be startled, when they learn that the tiger has entered the school while Veera and the other kids are trapped inside.Ranvijay will be taken aback, when he learns that Veera is trapped inside the school.Veera  will comes out of the classroom to feed the tiger. The tiger will start to move towards her. Nihal will try  to save her, As Nihal enters the school to save the kids from the tiger, the tranquilizer  will break.Otherside , Ratan will  find out that Ranvijay bunked his school as he didn’t complete his homework.

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