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Antara To Take Her Complain Back Against Raghu In Life OK’s Do Dil…Ek Jaan


In The Upcoming Episodes Of  Life OK’s Do Dil… Ek Jaan  When Mama will go to  apologize to Raghu, Raghu’s uncle will humiliate him. Antara will also reache there and  will see all this, she tries talking to Mama, but in vain.    Antara will be  upset and angry; she will call up the police and complains about Raghu. The police will  come and  will arrest Raghu. Antara will  feel triumphant, but her Mama will be  worried.Mama, who is angry with Antara will reprimand her and  will ask her to take the complaint back.Antara listen to her Mama and take back her complaint , Antara will  go to the police station and will  request police to release Raghu.  Mama gets a call from Mami, he rushes back home with Antara.

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