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Akaash To Marry Poonam In Star Plus’s Sapno Se Pyara Ek Ghar Banaunga.

Major Twist & Drama In Star Plus’s Ek Ghar Banaunga, Lastly We Had Seen That  Poonam worries about her parents being misbehaved by her in-laws. Aakash consoles her.Poonam notices a briefcase with her father, and enquires him about it. Neelu’s friend tricks Suman into meeting Neelu. Poonam asks Vandana why they are performing the Tilak ceremony. Aakash figures out that Neelu is upto some mischief. Neelu misbehaves with Suman. Poonam becomes shocked on learning that her parents are giving dowry. Gautam tells Poonam that her parents are giving it willingly….

Now In Its Upcoming Episodes, Knowing The Fact Her Parents Are Giving Drowy  Poonam will call off her wedding with Gautam.Listining This Everybody Get Shocked, Poonam Will Say That  She Is Seeing This All Since Long Time & About Dowry  But Gautam Family Will Accuses Her Of Having Relationship With Akaash. Akaash Will Come Forward To Marry Poonam &  Poonam will agree to get married to Akaash..This Way Poonam & Akaash Will Get Married.After That Akash will  leave Poonam behind in the house on their 1st day of marriage.


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