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Sohum To Drags Rajji Back To Her Maayka & Parmeet To leave For Canada In Colors’s Bani-Ishq Da Kalma.

Major drama is to unfold on your favourite show Bani-Ishq Da Kalma. Last Night We Had Seen That Sohum tells his feelings for Bani to Rajji in the misperception that the bride in front of her is Bani. Rajji doesn’t say a word to Sohum. Meanwhile, Parmeet tries to comfort Bani in their first night. Soon Bani becomes comfortable in front of Parmeet.

Now in its upcoming episodes, Everyone will be shocked to see Rajji. Parmeet will get ready to leave for Canada. Rajji will tell Sohum that Bani got married to Parmeet. Sohum will be shocked and will decide to ask Desho why she did this to him., Bani will arrive at the Gill house and everyone will be happy to see her. Nirveil and Binder will worry about Rajji. Sohum will arrives, dragging Rajji with him, but will stop when he will see Bani there. He will confront Desho.

Futjurmost Desho will tell Sohum that she thought he knew he was marrying Rajji. Meanwhile, Sohum will warned Rajji against uttering a single word to Bani about any of this as he doesn’t want to hurt Bani, which will shock Rajji. He returns home and breaks down.  Rajji will blames Desho for her marriage fiasco. Angadwill tell Sohum that Rajji is the daughter-in-law now and he should get her. Randeep will comes for Bani and they all will learn that Parmeet has left for Canada.


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