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Emotional Performance By Disha Parmar At 11th Star Parivaar Awards!!!

                                                                                                       Telly News India Blog

Every year STAR Parivaar Awards comes with a very unique theme. This year the members of the biggest Parivaar will be seen giving a special tribute to women.

Disha who plays Pankhuri in Pyaar Ka Dard hain was extremely touched when she learnt about the theme. The act portrays the current scenario about how the Indian woman is subjected to atrocities every day at the hands of a merciless society and the male counterpart, and forced to live in fear and insecurity.

Disha who is just eighteen was came forward and asked the organizers to make her part of the special woman’s act. The bully actress who was in tears after the spectacular performance said, “What happened in Delhi is something that has made a huge impact on the society we live in. I feel that as an aware citizen of this country I, in fact we all should take a step to improve it. This act at the STAR Parivaar Awards is something I chose to be part of. I am happy that I have started making my contributing from this huge platform of STAR Parivaar and will continue to take it forward.”

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