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Poonam To Slap Manish, Akash To Confess His Love & Jai To Take Advantage Of Poonam In Ek Ghar Banaunga.


In Star Plus’s Ek Ghar Banaunga,There Will Going To Be Lots Of Drama Next Week, Where Poonam Will Slap Manish & Akash Will Confess His Love..& Jai Will Try To Take Advantage Of Poonam…

In Previous Episode We Had Seen That Deepak assures Poonam, over the phone, that he will take their parents to the US, in six months. A few reporters come to interview Poonam for taking a stand against dowry. Mangaladevi tells them that Aakash saved Poonam from marrying Gautam. Prabhunath and Vandana come home with gifts for Aakash. Poonam requests Shashikanth not to reveal the truth to her parents, and tells him that she will leave the house in six months. 

Now In Its Upcoming Episodes, Mangala & Kannu will ask Poonam to sign the pact that she will leave the Garg house after six months & Poonam Will Sign The Pact..Poonam will help Jugnu the servant from falling and Mangala  will create a huge issue that how can she touch another man. Poonam will be  shocked ….Mangala  will give her an ultimatum if she is here she has to act like the bahu.

Futhurmost, Hearing the word bahu coming from Mangala for Poonam, Kannu gets furious. A Huge fight will take place because of this between the two women.Kannu will take away Poonam’s food plate and will order her to wear a saree as it is the norm of Garg house.Mangala will opposes Kannu’s stance and will tell Poonam to wear a suit. Akash will supports Poonam.. an argument will ensues between Akash & Kannu on the food plate. During the scuffle the food will spill. Mangala through her clever tactics will  make Kannu eat the spilled food. Poonam will slap Manish(who was supposed to get engaged to Prathna) for trying to forcibly kiss Prarthna.

Meanwhile Akash in a drunken state will confesse his love for Poonam. Poonam with the help of Jai goes to drop Akash in his room and in the process Jai tries to take advantage of the situation by putting his hand on hers on the pretext of carrying Akash.


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