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Daarji To Doubt Parmeet Of Being In Delhi In Bani-Ishq Da Kalma.

Major truth is to unfold on your favorite show Bani-Ishq Da Kalma,previously we had seen that Bani calls Sohum and tells him that Rajji does not know cooking. She tells him to give the phone to Rajji. Bani,then, dictates the complete way to prepare Sooji Ka Halwa. Sohum’s aunt gets very happy with Rajji after eating the sweet dish

Now Rajji will  wonders  why everyone is rude to her and will ask Sohum about it. Sohum will get annoyed and will take his pillow to sleep outside but will be spotted by Buaji. otherside, Daarji will attends a meeting at the Bhuller house, where a ladywill  complain that her husband has left her. When Bani will narrates this incident to Manpreet, she will feel uneasy and will ask Bani to relax.

our source informed us that, The housemaid will hand Daarji a letter that makes him happy at first, but when he sees a stamp of Delhi on it, he will get annoyed since Parmeet is supposedly in Canada.Daarji will doubt Parmeet and will ask Randeep to give him a call. Parmeet will say that he has asked his friend to send the forms from Delhi since sending it from Canada would take long….

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