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” I am a devotee of Lord Krishna- Piyush Sahdev.

Get ready to welcome Lord Ram on your favourite Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. Life Ok’s show is gearing up for its breath taking Mahaepisode scheduled to go on air on the 28th July. Piyush Sahdev, who was last seen in the channel’s show Shapath has been roped into play Lord Ram. As we have previously reported, the introduction of the Ramayan track on the show gives way to a lot of new ideas, graphics and actors.

Piyush Sahdev, who will be playing the coveted role of Ram is visibly excited about it. He was last seen in the same channel’s show Shapath. The shift, however, wasn’t a bone of contention at all. Piyush tells us “It was solely the channel’s decision and  I am grateful for the opportunity. There wasn’t an issue regarding this at all.”

Arun Govil who played Ram in Ramanand’s Sagar’s Ramayan is still known for that particular role. Is Piyush thinking of comparisons at all? “Not at all! I will be stupid to. Arun ji became a legend and I cannot compete in anyway. But I understand the responsibility the role is and I’d try my best to fulfill that.”

Mythological shows are big on the scene right now.  You’d think it was hence a conscious decision on Piyush’s part to be in the show. However, he begs to differ “it wasn’t something I was obsessing over. I am very happy to be a part of a show as big as Mahadev and I have wanted to do a mythological show. I am a devotee of Lord Krishna and I was always fascinated to play Ram or Krishna on TV. I am glad that I will be finally doing it.”

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