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Sita To Do Gauri Puja & Vishwamitra To Narrate The Story Of Bhagirath To Ram-Laxman In Mahadev.

In Life OK’s  Devon Ke Dev Mahadev,We Had Seen That King Janak asks Seeta not to use ‘Shiv Dhanush’ but She asks him not to act angry when he is not. Janak smiles. Sita asks him to forgive her.Seeta feels some connection with it. Mahadev tells Janak that it’s time for Seeta’s marriage so he arranges ‘Dhanush Vivaah’ for Seeta.

Ram gets excited on hearing about Mahadev’s ‘Dhanush’. Meanwhile Dashrath will be shocked to hear that Ram and Laxman are not coming to Ayodhya and are going to Mithila,Seeta will  tell King Janak that she would like to do ‘Gauri puja’ and would arrange things herself.

Ganga and Parvati will be  eager to meet Ram and Seeta. Shivji will tell Ganga, soon she will see Sita & Ram. Parvati will disguises herself as a commoner & will go to “gauri Puja’ and will gives blessings to Seeta. In Gauri Puja Brahim will tell that ganga jal is over so,  Sita will offer to get Gangajal herself. At the bank of Ganga, Sita will puts her  hands in water. On the other side Ram too will takes water in the similar manner.  Furthermost,  Vishwamitra will narrates the story of Bhagirath to Ram and Laxman.

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