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Sandhya To Win The Quiz, Sooraj To Decide To Leave The House In Diya Aur Baati Hum.

It’s the final round of Sabse Bada Champion In Diya Aur Baati Hum and it’s on  the same day as Sandhya’s birthday. Bhabho takes Sandhya to a temple and reveals that she knows how Sandhya let go of the two matkas for the sake of her family and expresses that she has fulfilled all her duties and that she is happy with her. But she then offers sandhya two keys..  and tells her that she will have to choose either of them. If she loses at the quiz she will gain the stature of a Badi Bahu in the house, but if she chooses to win, she’ll have to stay in a separate house with Sooraj. Sandhya finds herself in a tough situation.


Shahrukh Khan makes a grand entry as the quiz master of the finale round. The quiz starts and Sandhya doesn’t answer any questions. Everyone’s worried whats wrong. Babasa however smells a rat and confronts  her. Sandhya then reveals how Bhabho is upset and has put up a condition for her. Sooraj overhears this and encourages Sandhya, assuring her that he will set things right.


Sandhya gathers confidence, answers the questions and wins the quiz. At home, Sooraj tells Bhabho that he is aware of her unhappiness, but is still bound to give permission, but he cannot see his Bhabho get hurt so much every day and also he can’t stop Sandhya from achieving her dreams. Therefore, he is stepping out of the house for the sake of Bhabho so that he can save her from restlessness that she has to face every day because of this.


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