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Bani To Invite Manpreet For Jass’s Ceremony In bani-Ishq Da Kalma.

In Bani-Ishq Da Kalma We Had Seen That Sohum’s bua (aunt) keeps torturing Rajji in the name of test. She gives her a new task to prepare langar (food) for 50 people. On the other hand, when Bani starts packing for her visit to her father’s house, her mother-in-law forcefully makes her pack all her clothes and jewelry saying that she might have to stay back for long. All this while, she keeps on recalling the past that she had helped Rano pack her bags years ago…

Now In Coming Episodes, Everyone wonders why Manpreet is so upset to see Bani leave. Manpreet says that history is repeating itself. Rajji is busy cooking. Everyone is surprised that Bani has returned with so much baggage.Desho asks Bani if everything is ok at her home. Jass is happy to see Rajji and Bani. Randeep tells Manpreet that he could’ve taken care of Bani. Bua is furious to learn that Rajji has gone home.Everyone is stunned when Keerat is brought in by cops in front of the guests. Simran defends Rajji when Bua gets mad. Manpreet tells Bani to stay a little longer. Bani pretends to talk to Parmeet.Rajji is glad when Sohum calls her his wife while defending her in front of Bua. Manpreet is in a dilemma when Bani invites her for Jass’s ceremony. She regrets the way Parmeet has ruined Bani’s life.

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