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Mangla To Go With Prarthana,Poonam & Akash To Meet Sudhir In Ek Ghar Banuanga.

In Star Plus’s Ek Ghar Banaunga  We Had Seen That Mangaladevi praises Poonam and criticises Kanu, in front of her. Poonam vows to unite Mangaladevi and Kanu. Kanu complains to Dadi about Mangaladevi. Aakash defends Mangaladevi.  However, Poonam accompanies Aakash. Vandana decides to reveal their financial conditions to Poonam. Poonam suggests Aakash to find a groom for Prarthana.

Poonam and Akash decide to find a suitable groom for Prarthana without telling the rest of the family. On the other hand, Mangla will be tensed to see Poonam and Akash getting closer.Poonam and Akash will fix a meeting with Sudhir, a prospective groom for Prarthana.

Furthermost, Akash and Poonam will inform their family about Sudhir, a suitable life partner for Prarthana. However, Kannu and Mangla are yet unaware about their secret search.Mangla will decide to go with Prarthana, Poonam and Akash to meet Sudhir.

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