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Prarthana To Give Her Consent For Marriage With Gautam,Believing That He Is Sudhir In Ek Ghar Banuanga.

In Star Plus’s Ek Ghar Banaunga  We Had Seen That Kanu asks Rani to follow Poonam and Aakash. Aakash and Poonam reach the hotel. Poonam introduces Aakash to Sudhir as her husband. Later, Sudhir wishes to meet Prarthana. Manish and Rani keep an eye on them.  Aakash reveals to Mangaladevi that he had gone to see a groom for Prarthana. Mangaladevi yells at Poonam. Later, she inquires about Sudhir.

Poonam will find out about Mangla planting Bachu Mama with Daadi so that she doesn’t meet her elder son.Akash will make arrangements for Poonam to talk and see her brother Deepak through internet on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. But Kannu will have  other plans.

Furthermost, Mangla, Akash, Poonam and Prarthana will decide to meet Sudhir. While Sudhir will like Prarthana, she  will meets Gautam, who introduces himself as Sudhir.

Our source informed us that Prarthana will give her consent for marriage with Gautam, believing that he is Sudhir.Gautam’s plan will begin to fail when he learns that the Garg’s are going to meet Sudhir’s parents to fix the marriage. He will ask Rani to ensure that Prarthana doesn’t go.

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