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On Rajji’s Word Desho To Be Forgiven, Sohum To Learn About Randeep’s Act In Bani-Ishd Da Kalma.

In Bani-Ishq Da Kalma We Had Seen That Simran comes to Rajji, and tells her that she has proven her to be a good daughter-in-law but now, its her responsibility to prove herself to be a good wife. Rajji gets confused and thinks for ways of impressing Sohum.

Now In Upcoming Episodes,Manpreet will covers up for Gagan’s words and later will scold Gagan. Rajji will try to gain Sohum’s attention.Otherside Sohum will notice that Bani is tensed. After the ceremony, Rajji will ask the family to forgive Desho.Sohum will be stunned by Rajji’s gesture and Desho will be forgiven.

Our source informed that,Angad will learn that Bua is thinking about Sohum’s remarriage. Bani will tell Rajji that she is staying when suddenly Randeep will  arrive to get her.Randeep will be  forced to leave after Bani will make him talk to Manpreet.

Furthermost,Rajji will notice that Bani is shaken. Bani will tell her about Randeep’s act. Sohum will overhears and  will storms out before the girls can stop him.Bani will send Rajji to stop Sohum. Randeep and Sohum will get into a fight, but Rajji will stop Sohum in time. On hearing about the fight, Bani will calls Manpreet and will ask about Randeep but Manpreet will  lie to Bani.

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