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Manpreet To learn That Gagan Is Responsible For Sohum Arrest, Gagan To Take Case Back In Bani-Ishq Da Kalma.


In Bani-Ishq Da Kalma We Had Seen That Seeing Bani worried, Deshmukh asks Bani about her worry. Bani does not say anything to her. She tries to call Sohum again but gets no answer. Meanwhile, Sohum gets arrested by the police in an attempt to murder case, filed by Gagan.

In Upcoming Episodes, Bani will reach Parmeet’s house for help but Gagan will close the door on her face. Further, Rajji will see Sohum in jail and will be very hurt. Manpreet will scold Gagan for throwing Bani out. Bua will be furious to learn that Bani was unable to get Sohum out of jail.

Further, Sohum will released and  will learn that Rajji raised the money by selling her jewellery.When Sohum asks, Rajji will say that she helped him for her sister’s sake. Manpreet will learn that Gagan is responsible for Sohum’s arrest. Angad and Simran also will try to stop Bua while Randeep will defend Gagan.Gagan will take the case back.

Meanwhile, Bani  will make an excuse when the family wants to visit her in-laws house for the wedding invitation. Rajji and Sohum will share a moment. Bua will ask Rajji to accept her defeat.

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