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Poonam To Find Out About Gautam’s Plan Of Revenge In Ek Ghar Banaunga

In Star Plus’s Ek Ghar Banaunga  We Had Seen That Suman sees Neelu in the wedding but thinks that it is her illusion. Kanu asks Sudhir to leave his footwear outside the room, and steals it. Rani drugs the juice and offers it to Sudhir. Gautam wears Sudhir’s dress and hides him. Meanwhile, Poonam and Aakash knock on the door.

In It’s Upcoming Episodes, Prabhunath – Vandana will find Bhima lalan and Neelu in the wedding.Gautam will sit in Sudhir’s place in his wedding clothes as a dulha with sehra.  Poonam  cannot find out about the big betrayal that he has planned.

 Source Informed That ,Sudhir will run away from the kidnappers hired by Gautam. Further, Poonam will get a random call from a stranger, the stranger will be Sudhir who is trying to tell her he is not the one in the mandap.Later, Poonam  will find out about Gautam’s plan of revenge and  will runs to save Prarthana’s life from being destroyed by marrying a wrong person.

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