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Parmeet To Promise Bani To Fetch In Seven Days,Rajji Ask Sohum To Be Friends In Bani-Ishq Da Kalma

In Bani-Ishq Da Kalma We Had Seen That Sohum asks Bani the complete matter about the property. Bani hesitates to say anything but Sohum manages to convince her. On their way home, Sohum’s bike breaks down. Sohum goes to the nearest mechanic and gives his bike for repairing. Meanwhile, Rajji waits for Sohum to return home.

Now In It’s Upcoming Episodes,Sohum will drop Bani and will return home. He will fall asleep just as Rajji will light some candles and will bring the food.Furthermost, Parmeet will promise to fetch Bani in seven days. Bani will call Manpreet to ask for her bridal wear.Simran will console Rajji when she breaks down. Sohum will also agree to take Rajji out for dinner.

Further,Nirmal will be unable to find a match for Jass. Manpreet will personally want to bring Bani’s bridal wear to her.Rano will meet Daarji but he will not recognize her. She will break down. Bani will make Jass talk to Vikas. At the dinner, Sohum will tell Rajji that he can never love her. Rajji will ask him if they can be friends.

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