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Payal Rohatgi Back On Television With Life OK’ Shapath

Payal Rohatgi who was last seen in Life OK’s reality show, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawaazi Ki will now be seen making her comeback to fiction with Super Cops Vs Super Villains…Shapath.

Heavy on effects and computer graphics, the series focuses on the efforts of the Shapath team to nullify the effects of the super villains in the city. Gong, played by Payal Rohatgi is a comic book villain character who is out to make life hell for the Super Cops. With an intention to unleash havoc in the lives of the kids in the city, Gong starts to play on their minds, eventually driving them crazy. ACP Diler with his team enters the dangerous world of comic book created by Dr. Boom and Gong to save Inspector Abha, who is kidnapped by Gong. She challenges the team to play some dangerous games that would give them the key to save Abha.

Will ACP Diler be able to save Abha from the evil Gong? Will Gong be successful in causing a catastrophe in the city?

~Catch the thrilling episode of Super Cops Vs Super Villains…Shapath on 29th September at 9 PM only on Life OK~

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