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Gautam & His Family To Get Arrested In Ek Ghar Banaunga

In Star Plus’s Ek Ghar Banaunga  We Had Seen That Akash worries about Prarthana’s future. Poonam tries to convince him, but in vain. Akash decides to go to Gautam’s house and requests Poonam not to interfere. Akash visits Gautam’s house and persuades Gautam and his family to accept Prarthana.

Now In It’s Upcoming Episodes, After talking to Akash lures Gautam and his family with the proposition of Dahej they will come to meet the Garg’s to talk and demand. But Poonam will expresse her disagreement in front of everyone. Akash in anger will ask to Poonam to leave Garg house then and there.

Source Says ‘ Poonam to seek revenge from Akash will goes and shakes hands with Gautam,But This Will Be Joint Plan Of Akash-Poonam, As Gautam and his family will come to Garg house to make their demand with help of Poonam, the Police will arrive  and Akash and Poonam’s plan to get Gautam behind the bars will be revealed. Even when Gautam and his family are arrested, question of Prarthana’s future will remain the same. And the blame on Poonam will remain stand still. 

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