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‘Bigg Boss 7’: Kamya Becomes Captain, Andy & Sangram Fight,Day-19

Apoorva, Ratan, Andy and Sangram were seen chatting when Sangram started making fun of Andy and he felt that he was crossing his limits and warned Sangram that if he continues, the consequence will not be good. He was later seen complaining to Shilpa that he didn’t expect this from Sangram as he considers him as a friend.

Later during the day to cool themselves, the heaven mates are seen taking a dip in the pool. Armaan, Tanisha and Anita are seen talking about Kushal and Gauahar and the bond that they share. Bigg Boss then makes the announcement for captaincy informing them that he will keep the confession room open for 10 minutes and those interested can come in and give their names. Kamya, Sangram and Andy give their names for captaincy. Bigg Boss also tells them that they can campaign and Andy was seen campaigning. Bigg Boss then holds open elections and Kamya gets the maximum votes and is elected as the captain for this week.

Gauahar and Andy are seen conversing and Andy is heard telling Gauahar that people in ‘Bigg Boss’ house are double-faced and how they don’t stick to own words. Gauahar asks him to calm down and tells him to ignore such things while he is here. Simultaneously, Asif is seen flirting with Gauahar while Kushal is seen fuming with jealousy.

 In the evening Bigg Boss gives the inmates a task, wherein scooters are kept in the garden areas of jannat and jahannum and all the inmates except Kamya from the heaven side and Gauahar from the hell side will have to balance themselves on the bike. Kamya and Gauahar will monitor the activity and make sure no one has their foot touching the ground. The team which manages to remain on the scooter for a longer time will be the winner. When after a long time the teams did not touch the ground, Bigg Boss announced that Kamya and Gauahar will have to stand on the bike and whoever manages to climb on the bike fast will win. Gauahar managed to climb on the bike first and the jahannumwasis are declared as the winner. 

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