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Sohum To Slap Rajji In Bani-Ishq Da Kalma

Bani-Ishq Da Kalma

High Voltage Drama Awaits The Viewers Of Colors Bani-Ishq Da Kalma, Source Informed Us That Bani Will Leave For Delhi Alone & Sohum Will Slap Rajji This Week… Last Night We Saw That Manpreet comes back from the market with 2 packs of Sargi in her hand. She tells Gagan that one is for her, and the second one is for Bani. Meanwhile, Bani tells Sohum to stay back as the day they are going to Delhi is Karvachauth.

Now Further, Bua will Remind Rajji About Their Deal & Sohum & Rajji Will Go To Meet Bani,The Gills Family Will Feel Bad About Disrupting Rajji’s First Karva Chaut, But Rajji Will Shoke Them By Saying That She Is Going To Delhi As Well But Sohum Will Disagree & Will Tell She Cannot Come To Delhi, Dishearten Rajji Will Tell The Truth About Her Marriage To Bani..

Source Inform That Listening This Bani Will Also Feel Bad For Rajji & Will Ask Sohum To Go Home Back & Bani Will Leave For Delhi Alone….

Further Sohum Will Return Back, Bua Will Ask Rajji To Leave The House But Sohum Will Arrive There & Will Break Her Fast, Otherside Manpreet will Miss Rano & Bani During The Karva Chaut Celebration,But Twist Will Come When Sohum Will Learn That Rajji Has Told Bani About Their Issue , He Will Slap Her….

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