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Bhoot Aaya:First Episode To Feature The Story Of Smart, Popular & Enterprising Boy

Bhoot Aaya

The first episode of Sony Entertainment Television’s horror show “Bhoot Aaya” revolves around the story of a smart, popular and enterprising boy of the neighborhood. A lady’s man and every girl had an eye on him, but he was least interested in any of them. He had to move to different towns to pursue his further studies. After a period of two years he returned to his home town and suddenly fell ill. This uncertain sickness deteriorates this man into a disheveled, unkempt and a depressive young man.  Things continue to become worse and he keeps losing all important opportunities and occasions of his life like a great job opportunity and a marriage proposal. In the course of time the boy and his family realize that he is under the spell of a spinster woman. This woman died a few months ago and her dead body was found in a highly decomposed state after a few days. The boy’s birth charts explains that he is in a Mahadasha. He was at its most destructive ebb where the person is open to all kinds of metaphysical threats and attacks. The boy was being attacked by no ordinary spirit, but a spirit who had studied and practiced black magic. And the worst part was that the boy’s Mahadasha would end only after 7 years’. His planets also do not have any control over this circumstances.

Will this boy be able to get rid of this bad spell?

 To find out tune in to ‘Bhoot Aaya on 13th October 2013 at 11 pm Only on Sony Entertainment Television


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