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Bani To Face Problem At Bullar House,Kookie Plan To Unite Sohum & Rajji In Bani-Ishq Da Kalma


In Bani-Ishq Da Kalma We Had Seen That Sohum finds Rajji at the Gurudwara and takes her to the Gill house. She goes inside without uttering a word. Sohum informs Bani about Rajji. Parmeet is shocked to see Bani at the Bhullar house.

Now In It’s upcoming episodes, Parmeet will try to throw Bani out but Anuradha and some NGO workers will come to her aid. Otherside Rajji will tell her family that she wants to work.Here at Bullar house Parmeet  will refuse to accept Bani but Daarji   will understand the situation and  will let her in.

Furthermost, Surjeet will hide the fact about Manpreet from Bani. Parmeet will also try to scare Bani with his anger but all in vein. Meanwhile Rajji and Sohum will miss each other. Parmeet will continues to be rude to Bani. Otherhand Sohum will mistake Kookie for Rajji.

Here at Gill House The Gills will worry about Rajji.There at Bullar house Balbeer will be shocked to see Bani in Bhullar house and will try to throw her out but Daarji intervene and will  tell him that they must wait for the right time. Kookie will plan to unite Sohum and Rajji.

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