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Parmeet & Gagan To Insult Gill’s In Bhullar House In Bani-Ishq Da Kalma


In Colors Bani-Ishq Da Kalma, Bani will convince Rajji about the importance of a child and Rajji will be convinced and  she will return to Sohum’s house.Otherside, Parmeet will call Bani’s Parents for launch and Bani will thanks Parmeet for inviting her family for lunch.

Here at Sohum’s house Simran wants to talk to Rajji but she will refuse to talk.,Rajji than told her that she wants her to tell Sohum to stay away from her.

In Parmeet’s house Gagan sneakily will  throw out all the food prepared by Bani for her family. Balbeer will stop Sarab and Desho at the door and makes them wait outside.

Furthermost,Parmeet will indirectly picks at Bani’s faults in front of her parents. During lunch, the Gill’s will be perplexed by the food served by Gagan. Rajji too will get nauseous. Gagan will indirectly insult the Gills.

Seeing all this Rajji will be concerned about Bani. The Gills present a watch to Parmeet, who deliberately will breaks it. Bani will be upset to learn that her family blames themselves for embarrassing her in-laws.

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