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R.K’s Lie To Hurt Madhu In Madhubala-Ek Ishq,Ek Junoon


In Color’s Madhubala-Ek Ishq,Ek Junoon , Pati Pati Aur Woh Will continue to arouse between Madhu,R.K & Riya…R.K Drinks with Riya in a bar unknown to the face that she is the one who is responsible for his accident, In the bar  Riya will get drunk more and could not walk even one step.So RK will take Ria to the his farmhouse.

Source inform us that RK will also tell a lie to Madhu that he was with his friend at last night.Madhubala’s will trust will get broken when both RK and Madhu will go to the restaurant where Riya will bump to them.Ria will thank RK for helping her during that night by keeping her at his farmhouse.Madhubala will argue with RK for hiding the truth.

Further Ria will try to create difference between R.K & Madhu by manipulating Madhu’s Film…

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