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Meethu’s Identity Fails To Get Revealed In Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke


Shakuntalam Telefilms show “Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke” is currently witnessing comeback of the most popular vamp in the show Charu(Aanchal Khurana) as Meethu who will create a rift in the life of Mayank(Ankit Gera) and Gunjan(Roopal Tyagi).

The creatives are making her comeback very interesting and mysterious by dressing her as Meethu, who is a traditional Rajasthani girl always in Ghoonghat. She has entered the Garg family as Vikram’s(Rachna’s Brother) fiancee.

As per the current track, Mayank and Gunjan have conducted a Puja in the house for well being which will turn out to be dramatic at the end. Rachna(Mahima Makwana) will be surprised to see her boss Kabir(Piyush Sahdev) along with Dadi in the Puja, a new love story is lined up between the two in near future.

The whole family will be seen celebrating and having a great time in the Puja where Rachna and Gunjan will also dance together but this will make Kabir uncomfortable and he will leave the house which will upset Rachna.

On the other hand small kid Dolu, who is seen anxious to se the face behind Meethu will place a fan in front of her.. As soon as the fan will start, the Ghoonghat will be blown ff from Meethu’s head and will be shown to audiences that Meethu is none other than Charu. But in the story, her Ghoonghat will catch fire at the last minute and getting scared, Dolu will run away without seeing her face.

Gunjan will also fail to see Meethu as the lights will go off at the last minute which will give a chance to Meethu and she will run away to her room.

But as per sources, soon her face will be revealed in front of Mayank and Gunjan and this will bring and unending twist in their life.

Gear up to watch all the drama on Zee TV “Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke” Mon – Fri 7:30 PM.

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