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Rapid Fire Round With Nia Sharma


Nia Sharma

The Very Cute, Pretty, Smart  Nia Sharma Answered A Series Of Rapid Fire Questions  Asked By Our Team…
> Birthdate: 17.09.1990

> Favourite holiday spot: want to explore europe…!!!

> Favorite cuisine: hakka noodles

> Favorite Bollywood Actor: none.

> Favorite Bollywood Actress: urmila mathondkar

> Favorite Color: peach, turquoise blue.

> Favorite Book: euuuu….i m not into books.. cant read a page.

> The Micro Blogging Site/Social Networking Site Nia Use: facebook.

> A message for all the fans who love you? :it is the time after my show when i really got to know my fans closely as i realized that nothing really changed in them ..they are still as passionate about me as they were during ma show..i cant thank them more for this.


One comment on “Rapid Fire Round With Nia Sharma

  1. “Fav bollywood actor: none” lmao……hahaha…loved this one…….<3 & how abt exploring US …….???


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