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Rukmi To Curse Rukmini,Duryodhana To Manipulate Karna Against Pandavas In Mahabharat


In Star Plus’s  Mahabharat Next Week,Rukmini meets Krishna and gets emotional on seeing him. She recollects all the images she had drawn of him and gets sentimental. Arjun sees Rukmi’s army approaching and prepares to attack them, but the army is obstructed by Balram.. Balram easily defeats Rukmi’s army.. A horrified Rukmi sees Krishna leaving with Rukmini.. he follows them and angrily curses Rukmini for betraying her family and not marrying Shishupal. Rukmi curses Rukmini that she will not have happy marriage with Krishna and they will get separated. This angers Krishna, who takes out his sudarshan chakra to kill Rukmi, but Rukmini begs Krishna to not kill her brother. Krishna leaves Rukmi, but shaves his head as a punishment.Duryodhana and Shakuni pretend to be happy with Yudhishthir as the new king.. the people of Hastinapur believe that good days have come now that Yudhishthir is the king. Vidur feels that something is up with Duryodhana and Shakuni and fears that they might do something soon. Shakuni and Duryodhana plan to create havoc in Hastinapur and Duryodhana plans to take the first step with Dusshala’s marriage. Gandhari is informed by Sukhda that Dusshala’s marriage has been fixed with Jayadhrata, which horrifies her, as Hastinapur and Sindh are arch enemies. In the durbar, Duryodhana declares that he will marry Dusshala only to Jayadhrata and no one else. Vidur, Bheeshm and Yudhishthir try to convince Duryodhana otherwise, but Shakuni insults Bheeshm by telling him that a person who didn’t set up his own family has no right to interfere in the families of others. Duryodhana too tells Yudhishthir that being the yuvraaj he is the one bound by rules and regulations, Duryodhana will do whatever he pleases. This makes Yudhishthir worried who later suggests to Bheeshm that only one solution is possible to avert this disaster created by Duryodhana – if Yudhishthir is removed from kingship and Duryodhana is crowned instead of him.Bheeshm tells Yudhishthir that he had taken an oath to appoint only the most able ruler to the throne, and as long Yudhishthir is alive, he cannot renounce the throne. Purochan manipulates Kunti into believing that he has organized a puja for Pandu in varnavrat. Both Yudhishthir and Kunti get emotionally manipulated and agree to visit varnavrat. Vidur warns Yudhishthir that this may be a ploy, but Yudhishthir says that he needs to stay away from Duryodhana for a while so that his anger boils down. Arjun receives Yudhishthir’s message about Varnavrat and decides to leave Dwarka, which upsets Subhadra. Duryodhana reveals his plan about burning down the house in varnavrat where the Pandavas live. He explains that the house has been made of lac, grass and ghee and he burns the model of the house as a demonstration. This leaves Karna dumbstruck who doesn’t support Duryodhana’s plan. Karna tells Duryodhana that by killing the Pandavas, he is committing a crime and he won’t be able to support such a big crime. Duryodhana manipulates Karna by telling him that if the Pandavas don’t leave their life, then Duryodhana can never become the king. The Pandavas prepare to leave for Varnavrat, and Karna appears extremely upset on seeing them go. This is noticed by Vidur. Arjun prepares to leave for Varnavrat, when Krishna tells him a story of goddess Saraswati who once had to hide and flow underneath the ground. This story intrigues Arjun.Vidur tells his spies to keep an eye on Karna as he is suspecting that something has been plotted by Duryodhana and Shakuni. Karna visits Adhirath and Radha and expresses his sadness at being a part of grave injustice. He tells Adhirath that Duryodhana has planned to kill Kunti and the Pandavas in a cryptic way, which is overheard by Vidur’s spy. The Pandavas reach Varnavrat where Purochan shows them the palace they will live in – a beautiful palace illuminated by moonlight. On entering the palace, Purochan tells the Pandavas that they never need to light diyas in the palace as it is always illuminated by moonlight at night. Hearing this, Sahdev asks Purochan about what they will do on amavasya nights, i.e when the moon is not visible. This question almost catches Purochan off- guard, but he manages to save himself in the nick of time. After the Pandavas leave Purochan alone, Purochan is settling his things, when the diya falls from his hand and the floor is set on fire.. Kunti then is walking towards the area where Purochan is standing while Purochan is busy trying to extinguish the fire.

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