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Kusum To Find Out Kumud & Saras Marriage Being Approved By Family In Saraswatichandra


In Star Plus’s Saraswatichandra we had seen that Kusum becomes sad on seeing Saraswatichandra and Kumud together. Saraswatichandra and Bapuji make fun of Kumud. Danny thanks Kusum for accepting the bangles. Later, Bapuji and Saraswatichandra discuss about their plan of mending Danny and Kusum’s relationship. Bapuji pretends to be ill in front of Kumud. Kalika pretends to care for Sundarba and provokes her against the family members.

Now in it’s coming episodes Kumud will find out that Dada ji is not ill and that Dada ji knows about Danny and Kusum’s Marriage as saras has told him everything.

Further Saras will tell Kumud that to set things right, he needs to be engaged to kumud, which will make him unavailable for Kusum and she will move on.Kusum will find out about Kumud’s and Saras’s marriage being approved by the family from Kalika.Otherside Gun will goes to Dadaji’s room and  finds him collapsed. Danny will also ask Kumud to do one last favor, that is to say yes to her and Saras’s marriage. Saras who had already entered the room will hear this which shocks both of them.

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