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Rajan Shahi’s “Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya” To Hit The Ccreens From 6 Jan 2014 on Zee TV


To uncomplicate the concept of Love, here comes a simple but complicated love story filled with emotions of how two strangers meet and falling love with each other. Yes, we are talking about the new show on Zee TV “Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya” which is the creation of Rajan Shahi fame “Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”.

The story is all about how a girl and boy meet and their entire journey of getting married filled with drama and emotions is the centre point of this new show. The process of falling in love and living with it every moment with lifetime experiences will make this show special and unique from other love stories.

The lead female protagonist Avni played by Kaanchi who is a newbie will be of a simple Marwari girl who belongs to a traditional family from Jaipur and is bounded by strict rules and regulations with family values.

She is being shown very romantic in the show how fascinates the idea of being in love. Producer Rajan Shahi masters in this field and his touch and starcast is bound to work for this show as his characters connect with the viewers instantly. This is the first time Kut Productions and Zee TV are coming up with a joint project with high expectations.
The whole culture and feel of a Marwari family with small town values willl make Avni’s character more interesting. Kaanchi is a perfect fit for the role as she carries an innocent small town look which connects with Avni. The male protagonist willl be played by Mishkat Verma who is a young and good looking chocolaty boy ready to enter into the television world with his hot looks. His character Raj will enter Avni’s life and their journey of love will be worth watching out for.

Reena Kapoor and Rajeev Singh are set to play Avni’s parents and this show will also witness comeback of Ashita Dhawan fame “Bidaai”.

Gear up to catch up for a new family drama on Zee TV from 6 Jan 2014 Mon – Fri 10:00 PM.


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