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Prachi To Reveal That DV Is Yashvardhan Goel’s Son In Jee Le Zara

Kheta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara

In Jee Le Zara This Week,DV feels very guilty for hiding the truth from Saanchi. He decides to call her up but then thinks he should first call his father to talk to him about his relationship with Saanchi. But his father is busy and says he’ll talk to him after 15 hours once he is back in India. Prachi’s mother-in-law asks her to mend relations with Saanchi and go to Prabhu Niwas to meet her. Aaji talk to DV and asks him to trust his relationship with Saanchi and everything will be alright. DV musters up the courage to tell the truth to Saanchi about his identity. Just as he reaches Prabhu Niwas, Prachi has revealed to Saanchi and the family that DV is Yashvardhan Goel’s son. Everyone is shocked at this revelation and look at DV for an answer!

Saanchi is in a state of complete disbelief and shock at the revelation. She questions DV about the same who confirms that he is Yashvardhan Goel’s son. She returns the ring to DV. Pradeep comes to Prabhu Niwas and adds fuel to the fire. Aaji and nani are shocked and ask DV why he hid such an important thing for so long. When he tells them that he wanted to tell his parents first, they ask him to get his parents to meet them so that he can win back everyone’s trust. DV leaves. Pradeep informs Anway that DV is going to talk to his parents. Anway calls up his father to break the news of DV’s relationship with Saanchi but father asks him to meet once he is back in India. When DV reaches the airport, Anway has already picked up his parents and left from there.

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