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Dhruv To Agree For Engagement With Ankita In Kehta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara

Kheta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara

In Sony TV’s Kehta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara, Saanchi walks up to house tensed and worried from where she will arrange money to give Mr. Mehta. When she enters home Prachi shows her expensive necklaces designs on laptop and says she wants to buy it for her mother in law.

Saanchi lost in thoughts just says yes to whatever prachi says. Saanchi enters her room tensed and wonders why God is putting her on test. She gets illusion of Dhruv. Dhruv tells her he is there with her always and gives her strength to handle the situation. Dhruv again drinks a lot at Night club. Ankita drops Dhruv home. Neena wants to tell Dhruv everything but Ankita says he is not in senses right now. Ankita makes him sleep on bed. As a Dhruv sed by Suparna she makes use of situation and sleeps besides Dhruv. Next morning nothing happens. She is about to come out.

Suparna natives and gets impressed. Ankita says nothing happened. Suparna says but she has spent night with Dhruv. They come towards Neena and Ankita gets conscious and leaves. Neena asks Suparna what happened to Ankita. Saanchi meets Bank manager and requests for loan but he says he can be of any help as he is retired. Suparna very tactfully informs Neena Ankita has spent night with Dhruv and she thinks now Ankita and DHRUV should get engaged. Neena is shocked.
Saanchi enters her room tensed and misses Dhruv all the more. Dilshaad watches Saccnhi and questions her why she left DHRUV in spite of having so much love for him. Saanchi tells Dilshaad she could take away a son from a mother. Dilshaad assures Saanchi everything will be alright. Adu overhears the conversation. He waits for Dilshaad to come down. Adu shares his concern for Saanchiwith Dilshaad.

They talk about Saanchi and Dilshaad assures Adu she will make sure DHRUV and Saccnhi love story be happy one. Neena speaks to Dhruv and tells him what he did last night was not right and not expected from Dhruvbut he thinks Neena is talking about drinking and all he says he has no regrets for what he did. Suparna tells Yash to get DHRUV and Ankita engaged. Yash speaks to DHRUV and eventually Dhruv just gives up and agrees for engagement with Ankita

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