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Radha To Throw Meera Down The Chiff,Koki To Blame Gopi For Meera’s Loss In Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Star Plus’ Saath Nibhana Saathiya currently witnessing big drama where One Side Gopi is not able to tell her pregnancy news to the family member and otherside Radha trying to hurt Meera…

Post all this, Modi family celebrates Rashi’s birthday and Radha plan to hurt Gopi and when she fails she plan to hurt Meera .

But our source informed us that Gopi will manage to save Meera. Modi Family will decide to visit Kuldevi Mandir, So after knowing this Radha evil mind will throw one more plan and Radha will again decides to harm Meera there on the way to the Kuldevi Mandir.

As per our reliable source Gopi will decide to inform the family about her pregnancy & Radha will plan to throw Meera out of the car. Radha will manage to throw Meera down the cliff.

After sometime when the family didn’t see Meera around Ahem, Gopi and the entire Modi family will search for Meera in the river.After searching alot when the family member didn’t find meera Kokila will blame Gopi for Meera’s loss. Koki will declare that it is Gopi’s biggest mistake.

Now Will Gopi be able to find Meera or did Radha succeed in her evil plan………

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