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I Love Everything About Mohit Raina: Mouni Roy

Mouni Roy

Mouni Roy, who will be returning in Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev as Sati, was in the city for an event. In the show, she will be romancing Mahadev, her rumoured boyfriend Mohit Raina, in a fullfledged love track. Excerpts:

Considering you are a Bengali, do you love coming back to Kolkata?
I am not born and brought up in Kolkata, but in Cooch Behar. I did my schooling there. After that, I went to Delhi for further studies. Now, it is Mumbai where I live. It’s been quite a journey. I have learnt so much in every phase of my life. Although I have travelled so much, but still, I am a true Bengali at heart. I am a big foodie and prefer Bengali cuisine. I love classical dance. Everything about me is Bengali.

So how does it feel to be the star of your town now?
Cooch Behar is a very small town. My father passed away six months ago, but my mother and brother still live there. The younger lot loves me there. Otherwise, people don’t really care much about me being an actress. They treat me just the way they used to before.

So would you prefer a Bengali wedding?
Yes, it will be a traditional Bengali wedding. And whenever it happens, it will happen in Cooch Behar.

You are returning on Mahadev in a full-fledged love track with Mohit Raina. What can we expect this time?
It’ll be a beautiful, magical fairytale story. Expect good performances and a lot more.

What do you think is so special about your chemistry with Mohit Raina?
People liked us during my earlier stint on the show. That’s why they wanted to see us again. What people don’t realize is that it is the script which plays the most important factor in making or breaking a chemistry. Now that the script requires me, I am back. There is a part in Shivpuran that speaks about the kaalchkravyuh. It is a small chapter, but they have modified and extended it a bit so that the episodes can run for about twothree months.

What do you like most about Mohit, as an actor?
Honestly, I love everything about him. It has been almost three years that the show is on air, and look at that man’s dedication! I get to hear that he takes every single scene as seriously as he used to when the show had just begun. My favourite avatar of his was when he played Veerbhadra. It must have taken immense power to play that role.

You are often perceived as arrogant. Does it bother you?
Not at all, because I am not. People who know me — both at workplace and in my personal life — know that well. Other than that, I really don’t care. I believe in staying with people who make me happy. Also, I think media is extremely unfair sometimes. They can turn your life into a reality show.

We heard you weren’t accepted by the audience in an urban show like J u n o o n . What do you think was the reason?
They did accept me as Meera. Firstly, an actor in a TV industry is as big as the show he/she is doing. Then, if a show does not run well for some reasons — like if it is not promoted well — it can’t be Mouni’s fault. I think I have got maximum acclaim for this character from people, who have watched the show. Except for Kyunki… all my roles have been different. Even Sati is not a conventional goddess. She is very contemporary. She has vices and is very human in her approach about love.

Aren’t mythological shows tedious? 
Not really! The only time consuming part is the travelling bit, as sets of such mythological shows are built at far-off places, which takes about three-four hours to reach. Add to that 12 hours of shooting, and you can guess the rest.

This time you will be seen as a guest joining the contesting couple, Gurmeet and Debina, on Nach Baliye. Would you like to participate in the next season of the show?
I would love to take part in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Nach… has approached me in the past, but I couldn’t do it because of various reasons (pauses). Let’s see.

Do you plan to be in movies?
No, because I am not an ambitious person at all. But if a good script comes my way, I would love to take it up. Otherwise, I am happy doing one show at a time. If I am getting good work, then the medium doesn’t matter.

– Agency ( CT, Sunday Publication)


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