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Dhruv To Start His Marriage Preparation On His Own,Starting With Haldi Ceremony In Kehta Hai Dil – Jee Le Zara

Dhruv Haldi Ceremony

Sony TV’s popular show “Kehta Hai Dil – Jee Le Zara” is witnessing biggest drama of the decade where Dhruv will starts   his marriage preparations on his own.

As per current track, Dhruv come to meet Saachi and will gave her his wedding card and Dhruv asks her to congrate him. He says, I am going to get marry soon finally and you have to come. He apologized for his did and  invites her for the wedding and gives the invitation card. Saanchi looks at the card. It was written Dhruv Goel weds Saanchi Prabhu. Saanchi was surprised.

Now in it’s coming track Dhruv will say sorry to Saachi for printing her name on the card without her permission. He says truth is that I can’t let anyone name be written on the card. Addu will asks Saanchi to say yes to Dhruv but Saachi will refuse and will scold DV and will tell him that because of him her family is against her and they are with him…

But our reliable source informed us that Dhruv is not going to stop here and Saachi’s NO is also not going to work….So moving one step further Dhruv will start his marriage preparations on his own and in his this work Saachi’s family will support him…

In this process DV will starts will haldi ceremony and Saanchi’s family will apply haldi to Dhruv . Saanchi will not participate in the haldi ceremony but her family will force Saanchi to be a part of the ritual source claim…

And in all this the family plan’s something else they will pour bucket full of haldi water over Saachi from terrace ..

So it’s going to be interesting to watch  the upcoming episodes of Kheta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara

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