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Saraswatichandra Completes 250 Episodes With Saras & Kumud Getting Married


Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra  has a reason to celebrate , yes you might thinking about Saras-Kumud Marriage but not just one reason to celebrate but two.Saras  and Kumud  have finally become Mr. & Mrs Vyas with the success of their long awaited marriage.

All thanks to  Laxminandan who brought the situation under control.Laxminandan fails the Kalika’s secret plan and Saras & Kumud will finally get married after fighting the odds.

But As-usual Saras will get shocked seeing his father Laxminandan Vyas and will asked who had sent him the invitataion for his marriage…..

Apart from this Saraswatichandra is also going complete it’s 250 episodes tonight (6th Feb). The show which began on 25th February 2014 will soon complete its 1st anniversary in another two weeks. Yet again love has won over evil intentions as Kalika’s plan to spoil the wedding failed. Also in today’s episode audiences will see the re- entry of Saras’ parents Ghuman and Laxminandan Vyas.

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