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Saurabh To Bribe The Technician To Switch His DNA Report In Balika Vadhu


In Colors Balika Vadhu This Week,The collector will come at the badi haveli and will apologizes Kalayani asking for one last chance . At the police station it will be revealed that Vivek Kabra is Saurabh’s brother. Otherside at Vivek cabin Shiv comes to  meet Vivek but Vivek will refuse to take Saachi’s case…

Henceforth Kalyani will meet a new lady collector,Anoop will tell that they should speak to another lawyer o fight Saachi’s case. Saurabh Will call up Sanchi from the jail and will threaten her again that he will leak the video clip to his friends and the net…

Further, Kalyani will tell the panch members that they will make a union to fight any such occurrence henceforth. The lawyer on the otherside will tell Saurabh that he will have to submit his DNA samples to the doctor for the investigation. Saurabh will take a notice of the name of the lab and smile will appear in his face..

Source inform that Saurabh will bribes the technician at the lab and the technician will agree to switch his DNA reports. otherside Jagya will tell Ganga to assist him in a patient operation.

At the court Saachi’s lawyer will question Saurabh and Saurabh will say that he hasn’t committed any such crime ,Instead Saachi is a lier…

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