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Spoiler Alert: Dil Dosti Dance, Rangrasiya, Beintehaa,Balika Vadhu & Maharana Pratap.

Spoiler Alert


Rangrasiya: In tonight’s episode we see, Paro is shocked to learn that Mohini wants to get her married to Rudra in the next 10 days but then Rudra tells the family that, he will marry Paro in the next 4 days. All are shocked.

Beintehaa: Osman also sees the picture of Aaliya’s wardrobe malfunction in the news paper ..Suraiya’s friends make a big scene and insult Aaliya just then Zain enters and stand up for Aaliya saying it’s human error and it was his mistake and asks Suraiya’s friends to mind their own bussiness as it’s a matter of their family ..Shazia sees Zain and Aaliya sleeping in the cross position and how the room iis divided into two parts..she inform Suraiya, Suraiya gets another chance to throw Aaliya out of the Zain’s life . She takes Osman to their room .

Balika Vadhu: The collector will come at the badi haveli and will apologizes Kalayani asking for one last chance . At the police station it will be revealed that Vivek Kabra is Saurabh’s brother. Otherside at Vivek cabin Shiv comes to  meet Vivek but Vivek will refuse to take Saachi’s case.

D3: Swayam will go on a date with Ruhi & he will make Ruhi feel comfortable on their date,but this makes Sharon feel uncomfortable.  Further Swayam will yells at Sharon for not treating Ruhi nicely,Rey & Kriya will get intimate during a game which will make Kriya uncomfortable.

Maharana Pratap:  We see Akbar practicing where Mahamanga comes and talks about Kunwar Pratap and the way he defeated Bairam khan..Bairam khan comes back where guards doesn’t let him meet Akbar as he doesn’t want to meet. On the other hand Udai singh along with samants and pratap making strategies to unite whole rajputana into one. Mahamanga briefs Akbar about Tansen and about his singing talent. Tansen suggest Akbar to meet Meera Bai and hear her singing…Akbar accepts it and wants to meet meera bai. In Mewar Udai singh agrees to get Meera bai back to mewar. Pratap and Akbar both leave from their respective places to meet Meerabai at Dwarka, simultaneously both are listening to the back-story of Meerabai that how she deeply she devoted her life to Lord Krishna and thus tortured by her sister – in – law and brother – in – law due to which she left Mewar.

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