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Spoiler Alert: Rangrasiya, Balika Vadhu,Mahadev, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon-EBP, Veera & Mahabharat

Spoiler Alert

Balika Vadhu: Vivek family will curse him standing against his own brother ..jagya examines mannu at the badi haveli and the family decides to take mannu for a check up the next day..Vivek decides to leave his house as he finds family hurt due to his act ..Sanchi calls up Jagya and Ganga and apologizes to them but jagya doesn’t forgive her..Ira does not find Sanchi in her room and tells the same to the family …Everyone tensed…

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev: Mahadev saves sati but she accuses him of touching her and blames him for the attack .Nandi tries to stop the argument while Mahadev raises his trishul towards sati. will Mahadev control his anger?

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon- Ek Baar Phir: At the stroke of the midnight, Shlok is shocked to see someone’s shadow outside his room. Assuming it to be Swati, he goes to follow the shadow but the destination he reaches shocks everyone. Who is bothering Shlok?

Veera: The villagers come to know that a village girl is with one of the film crew members in the vanity man. What will happen next?

Mahabharat: Back in forest Mayasur tells Takshaq that Pandavs have arrived. Takshaq says it is time to attack and kill them. Pandavs debate about whether war is better than partition, Draupadi says a good warrior always tries to avoid war as he is scared of the millions of lives lost in it. Draupadi pours water for bhoomi poojan, thousands of snakes fly towards the Pandavs & others. Arjun, Nakul and Sahdev go back to fetch their weapons while Yudhishthir & Bheem stay back to protect the common people.Draupadi fights off snakes , Vrishbhan gets gets killed by a snake, Vrishali runs as a snake follows and jumps off a cliff. Arjun attacks Takshaq cuts off his multiple heads, Takshaq and his army vanish after this. Draupadi is sad on seing the massacre around them.Bheem tries to calm her down. Yudhishthir tells her that their people can be revived with the poison of the same snake people. And to get back the snake people they’ll have to fight Indra dev. Takshaq calls Indradev and asks him to keep his promise and fight his own son away from the land. Indra agrees but also warns Takshaq that there are chances that he himself could be defeated.

Rangrasiya: Paro and Rudra’s wedding celebrations begin. Laila does a dance performance for the sangeet ceremony. During the ceremony, Mala misses seeing Rudra. Further, Tejawat’s also reaches their house as his men are on the look out for Paro.

(* All Spoiler Provided By Channel, Copyright To Their Respective Authority)

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