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Spoiler Alert: Madhubala, Mahabharat,Veera & Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Spoiler Alert

Mahabharat: Shakuni is happy that Arjun has left for sanyaas & they got time to stop Indraprastha’s rajsuya yagya, he tells Duryodhan that their next plan will be to get Duryodhanand Subhadra get married & take Krishna on their side as Yadavs & Krishna are one of biggest powers in Aryavarta. In Indraprastha, Draupadi learns the skill of archery from Krishna. After a time leap we see Arjun has reached Somnath temple to complete his sanyaas, there he gets upset when he sees Shakuni & Duryodhan being pally with Krishna & Balraam. Shakuni is shocked to see Arjun there & is doubtful of Krishna’s intentions in the Duryodhan- Subhadra marriage alliance. Krishna asks Shakuni to play pitthu with him.. Shakuni is confused.

Veera: Ranvi tells Baldev that Gunjan won’t go for the pagphera rasam. Everybody is shocked. What is Ranvi upto?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Rashi makes Gopi sit next to Ahem in the mandap ,Though Gopi & Ahem have got married again, but will Koki & Ahem accept Gopi back in their lives ?

Madhubala: Abhay and Madhu are in the studio wherein Abhay tells Madhu that this was originally RK’s studio, further accusing RK of killing his father. How will Madhu react to this?


(* As Per Provided By Channels For 11th March 2014)

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