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Madhu To Know The Reason Behind Raju’s Violent Streak In Madhubala


In Madhubala we had seen that Leela comes homes to stay in Abhay’s house along with her daughter sweety. Raju is intrigued with the Aarti rasam and decide to do Madhu’s aarti. Leela tries to ill treat Raju by throwing flour on his face but Madhu stands up for him . Leelavati calls Raju a madman and he starts to cry, and rushes back to his room. Madhu goes back to her room and with very much difficulty consoles him. On the other hand, Leelavati goes to complain about Raju to Abhay, but Abhay just ignores her and gives her a shout.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Abhay will push Raju inside the swimming pool but Madhu coaxes him to come out of it. She later will challenge Abhay that she will ensure Raju stands up against his atrocities.Soon after,Raju will get violet much which will shock Madhu & she will take Raju to the hospital and After taking him to the hospital she will realize that he has been given medicine so that the violent streak in him get accentuated. Madhu will than  decides to shield him from this. At Meenaxi’s school annual function begins and Madhu will manage to get Raju to deliver a good performance where he is playing the flute. Abhay will be perturbed giving away the award to Raju who acknowledges madhu efforts in training him.



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