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Abhay To Send Raju To A Mental Hospital In Madhubala


In Colors Madhubala Viewers had seen that Madhu goes to the place where Abhay is sitting and drinking, she takes the glass from Abhay’s hands and smashes it to the ground. She challenges Abhay to directly face her and not strike her on the back. She also tells him that he is loser and a villain. Unable to take the insults anymore, Abhay slaps Madhu and seeing this, a very angry Raju confronts him.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Madhu reprimands Abhay for giving alcohol to Raju (Abhay makes Raju drink wine when Madhu was in Kitchen).. In anger Abhay will send Raju to a mental hospital but source inform that  An accident will land Raju in the hospital. Meanwhile, Madhu will fast during ‘karwa chauth’ for the sake of Raju’s life.

So will Abhay succeed in his plan or Madhu’s love for Raju will save his life???

To know keep watching Madhubala Mon-Sat at 8:30 PM Only On Colors.


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