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Deepika Singh’s Wedding Mends Differences Between Reel & Real Husband

Deepika weds Rohit

 It started on the sets while shooting a wedding sequence and ended at a real wedding. We are talking about the famous fight between Anas Rashid aka Suraj and his director Rohit Raj Goyal which erupted few months back while shooting marriage sequence of Chavi (Anas aka Suraj’s sister) on the sets of “Diya Aur Baati Hum”. Anas and his director had a difference of opinion over a scene which led to the full blown fight between them in front of the entire unit.

The entire shoot was disrupted and senior people from production team had to intervene to sort out the matter. Ever since that incident Anas and Rohit hardly saw eye to eye on the sets. After the episode, Deepika also distanced herself from Anas and shared very formal relationship with him, as she was seeing the director Rohit in her real life.

But Deepika’s wedding broke the ice between Anas and Rohit and brought them closer. People were speculating that Anas might not attend Deeepika-Rohit wedding as he didn’t attend the sangeet function but refuting all speculations Anas not only did attend Deepika wedding but also posed happily holding both Deepika and Rohit’s together.

It seems Anas and Rohit have decided to let “bygones be bygones” and get back to work on happy terms once again.

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